5 Habits for Better Health this Holiday Season

Author: John A. Morris, Director of Fitness and Training

The holidays can be a little overwhelming; the search for the perfect gift, the parties and social scenes, and of course, the start of flu season! Here are our top 5 habits for better health this season. Start them now, and they will help you stay on track for a very merry season.

  1. Exercise regularly:  Okay, okay, you probably expected this. We know it’s hard with all the other demands on your time this season, but by exercising on a regular basis, you are constantly promoting a strong cardiovascular system and lean muscle mass, not to mention boosting your immune system.  Be kind to your body, it works very hard for you.
  2. Eat a balanced diet: You should feel free to indulge a little this time of year, but make sure you’re eating from a wide range of healthy and nutritious foods…and don’t forget the fiber!
  3. Go nuts! Craving that crunch? Skip the potato chips and reach for some almonds, cashews and walnuts.  Nuts can help reduce cholesterol, promote cardiovascular health, provide a great source of protein and contain heart healthy omega-3’s.  A perfect snack! Aim for one serving per day, and keep them with you for those times when things are hectic or the office treats come out.
  4. Practice meditation: Take at least 20 minutes per day for a personal “time-out.” Destress by finding a dark, quiet place (may even your car in your office parking garage), close your eyes, and just breathe. In some of our classes at Synergy, we begin classes by inviting members to “be present, and get your mind right.”
  5. Maintain a regular routine: It can be easy to get out of sorts with the late night festivities that cause you to skimp on sleep, but being a creature of habit when it comes to healthy eating and sleep is to your benefit. It will help reduce stress, keep you organized, and will aid in a successful exercise and diet regimen.

Just doing these five things will have a tremendous benefit on your health this season, allowing you to stay strong and enjoy all the festivities and celebrations with friends and loved ones. Here’s to your health!