Introducing Styrke Fitness Solutions

Author: John A. Morris, Director of Fitness and Training

A couple of weeks ago, we announced some very exciting news: Synergy Health & Fitness is becoming STYRKE Fitness Solutions and moving to a bigger, better location in Rosslyn, VA! We could not be more ecstatic about this development, and you should be excited too. Here’s why: the new location is a mere .8 miles from our current location, but it’s much bigger and better equipped to help you pursue your fitness and health goals.

STYRKE is only 150 steps from the Rosslyn metro. This move will allow us to offer classes such as Zumba, Krav Maga (Israeli self-defense), Spinning, and more Yoga.  We have plans to add other great classes too, but we’re keeping that a secret…for now.

We’re also bringing an amazing new feature to your group training classes: MYZONE. MYZONE is an accurate monitoring system that measures heart rate, calories burned, and effort, in real time, to give you a realistic picture of the effectiveness of your workout. This tool will be a huge asset in helping you reach your fitness goals in the New Year.  Click on the link to see how it works:

Rest assured, this move is all about giving you new and better resources to support your fitness journey. We hope you’re looking forward to a great 2016 with us. At STYRKE, we’re “Transforming Lives Through Fitness!”